CAE's current aviation portfolio includes air traffic control equipment; terminal facilities; ground support equipment; weather detection systems; and navigation and communication systems:


FOD allow the airport to notify aircraft and its airline of any lost mechanical parts or to otherwise identify the source causing the debris, including providing video documentation of the event. It also provides air and ground controllers with continuous awareness of intersection condition, allowing them to remotely view the actual intersection activity through the system cameras during routine operation as well as during maintenance and harsh weather.


Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast offers significant operational enhancements such as improved pilot and controller situational awareness. ADS-B also offers safer air and surface operations through improved surveillance accuracy, update rate and intent information – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveillance systems.


Multilateration offers accurate surveillance and identification of all transponder-equipped aircraft in the air as well as on an airport’s surface. It provides highly reliable data for further processing by Air Traffic Control (ARC) displays, Advanced- Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS), decision support tools, flow management systems and airline / airport operation applications. Controllers receive seamless surveillance data which enables increased operations in low visibility conditions and enhances safety.


VCCS provides a complete solution for air traffic control applications. Using a modular, client-server architecture, with open-platform software and commercial-off-the-shelf hardware, the VCCS system provides a reliable, scalable solution suited to the variety of air traffic control operational requirements. The system features field-proven technology that reduces life-cycle costs and is fully compatible with other operational systems world-wide. As well as effective, non-intrusive maintenance and configuration capabilities from a central maintenance and administration console.

ATC Recording System

A recording solution that in a single system captures and synchronously replays analogue / digital audio, VoIP, DVI and VGA screen images, composite CCTV, IP-Cameras, LAN radars, asynchronous and synchronous serial radars and other serial data, will assist investigatory work as well as search and rescue operations. It will also be of huge benefit to air traffic controllers, supervisors and management for training and quality improvement purposes.