CAE Overview

Chinney Alliance Engineering Limited (“CAE”) was established in 1973 and has grown into one of the most important international distributors in Hong Kong. CAE’s products include a wide range of leading edge engineering products and services covering electrical, mechanical, electronic, and information technology systems for large scale infrastructure, architectural and civil engineering projects throughout Hong Kong.

In recent years, CAE has actively and successfully in represented major global aviation brands for navigation, communications and surveillance solutions in tenders for airports in Hong Kong and China. In addition, CAE provides sales channels for mature Chinese brands to enter world market: for example, in the area of large-scale cargo inspection systems, narcotics and contraband detectors to customs and security authorities in Hong Kong and Australia.

CAE is also providing a trading platform for international cutting edge IT, networks, and eco-friendly technology to enter the Hong Kong and China markets. Current products bring cloud computing, facial recognition, and storage virtualization to commercial enterprises. CAE is known as “ The place to go” for companies who are searching for the best technology to solve problems.

Looking ahead, CAE is pursuing business growth through expanding its lead is aviation related technology to aircraft and ground operations, building a wider array of IT solutions, and continuing to introduce new products to its security sector customers.

With its ever growing sales network, on the ground support, as well as enviable product portfolio, CAE is definitely your best partner to enter China!